Network Licensing: Breaking The status Quo

Nov 27, 2023 | Blog, Extreme Networks, Infrastructure

A long time issue for many businesses, network licensing does not have to be the burden, or the cost, that holds back your network…

A key theme of digital transformation discussions is what it enables for organizations. By having a highly agile, adaptable, resilient network that can span from core, on premises infrastructure, across hybrid and multi cloud and down to the emerging edge, organizations are better prepared to meet shocks, or avoid them, while also being ready to take advantage of fluid or new opportunities — or to create them.

However, one thing that can stymie such capability is network licensing. With many traditional vendors in the space, users can find they run into certain problems with older licensing models. Many incumbent vendors, while they have developed technical capabilities that are facilitative of today’s networking needs, they have not similarly developed licensing models that fully enable the modern, distributed, enterprise.

Licensing Issues

Issues such as license complexity mean users can find themselves dealing with a variety of licenses for different product lines, making it difficult to compare subscription-based and permanent licenses. Similarly, forced adoption of additional licenses are often reported, where licenses for additional solutions that were previously unnecessary appear mandatory when upgrading, scaling, or implementing new services.

These issues can be compounded by vendor neglect, where licensing is not actively addressed in regular reviews to ensure that implementations are still appropriate and producing value for money and supporting services.

Our customers and market feedback have told us that many businesses are finding existing licensing becomes too expensive as they grow, proving rigid and unable to adapt to either scale or flexibility in service for new workloads, consumption patterns, or new business models.

Comprehensive Alternative

Through the Extreme Networks portfolio, JT Tech offers a comprehensive alternative to this impediment to growth and innovation. Challenging the status quo of existing vendors, JT Tech takes a multi-pronged approach that tackles each of these issues directly.

Firstly, through Extreme Network’s philosophy of universal platforms, we provide customers with investment protection through universal wired and wireless platforms which support multiple use cases by leveraging dual operating systems/personas from a single platform. In addition, these can be either cloud- or controller-managed, adding further flexibility depending on the organization, the budget, or the purpose.

Fabric networking

This is achieved with a unified fabric networking approach. To unify, automate, and secure the network from the campus to the data center, and to the branch, Extreme built the most widely deployed, industry-leading, standards- based network fabric with more than 5,000 customer deployments to date. Auto provisioning streamlines deployments and operations, and inherently protects unsecured devices and minimizes the risk of an outside attack. Backed up by JT Tech’s decades of experience across sectors as diverse as healthcare, sports, and manufacturing, we can bring that technical range of capability to bear on the real challenges being faced by customers through a deep understanding of need and ambition.

Universal Cloud

Through Extreme Network’s cloud infrastructure, built for scale and security, we deliver what can be termed universal cloud. With 21 global points of presence and a proven track record for uptime, customers have their choice of public cloud providers — AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, in addition to hybrid or private cloud hosting options. For data privacy and protection, we leverage the only cloud networking vendor with ISO, CSA-STAR certifications, SOC2 and GDPR compliance.

However, we recognise that few organizations can simply rip and replace their entire network infrastructure, or start from scratch on a greenfield site. We pragmatically work with what a client organization has, carefully surveying and assessing existing capability, as well as future plans. Our portfolio allows us to provide management of third-party networking and IoT devices including Cisco, HPE, Juniper, Zebra handheld scanners, and many more. The same cloud enables centralized visibility and simple migration to our Extreme solutions when the customer is ready to replace legacy third-party hardware. A gradual, planned migration has benefits for transparency, control, and orchestration from day one, building to a more intelligent, manageable network that is flexible and agile.

Universal Licensing

Finally, we free organizations from the tyranny of legacy licensing models. Through Extreme, we offer some of the simplest licensing in the industry, with clear business predictability and no hidden costs: one license per device, portable and applicable across wired and wireless platforms, cloud or on-premises managed, and extendable beyond Extreme platforms to integrate third-party devices.

This approach is working for our customers, even in the broadest applications. The CTO of the Swedish smart city, Borås Stad, found that its networking solution, based on the core technology from an incumbent, had started to grow too expensive.

“All the software licenses, support agreements, the 6509 core switches… really costly pieces of equipment,” said Andrzej Kardas. “So, we started to look for alternatives. We had resources to invest in the network. We bought 2,000 access points, switches, and everything else we needed from Extreme. That’s how it all began.”

“Extreme Networks has been a key partner in helping us to build a smart city that meets the current and future needs,” said Kardas. “Believe this: enterprise networking doesn’t have to be this daunting.”

“A sea change is on the horizon,” he added. “IT teams: disentangle yourselves from the clutches of the hardware renewal process with your status quo vendor. Unfurl your sails and explore the ocean of other options. Cutting-edge network solutions from innovative vendors are on the horizon, promising to revolutionize network operations, bolster business evolution, and contain costs.”

Supporting Innovation

To ensure that organizations are not constrained by scale, rigidity, or cost, a technology partner must have a portfolio of technologies and services that are flexible, adaptable, and appropriate for today’s world where the unexpected happens, in both positive and negative ways. Technical features and services that are rooted in old fashioned approaches to licensing and revenue that do not meet the needs of a distributed, digital enterprise will not support the agility necessary to innovate for competitive advantage.

JT Tech, as a diamond partner of Extreme Networks, can provide the simplest licensing approach in the industry, with a single, consistent warranty for all solutions that provides clear business predictability and no hidden costs. Licenses can be moved between wired and wireless devices, with just one license for cloud-based and on-site network management options.

In addition, software and feature sets are decoupled from hardware so they can be changed when needed, as opportunities and needs arise. Our customers can continue to evolve and redeploy third-party networking solutions and IoT devices, including those from status quo vendors such as Cisco, HPE, Juniper, and others, so there is no need for a rip-and-replace approach. All devices — Extreme and third-party — can be managed through a unified platform.

Finally, your network remains fully compliant at all times, with key cloud, information security, and privacy standards to reduce risks and protect data end to end.

With JT Tech as your technology partner, we offer a safe route to the true potential of one network, one cloud, and one trusted partner, breaking the status quo.

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