Network Visibility and Control

Single Pane of Glass – Third Party Management


Site engine key components and benefits



Site engine key components and benefits

Single Pane of Glass – Third Party Management


arrow_carrot right_alt icon Alarm & event management
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Contiguration & change
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Zero touch provisioning
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Capacity planning
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Discovery & topology
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Compliance enforcement


arrow_carrot right_alt icon Role-based granular network access control & priority
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Flexible assessment
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Guest & remediation portals
arrow_carrot right_alt icon User & end-system tracking
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Automated incident response


arrow_carrot right_alt icon Layer 7 app. visibility & control
arrow_carrot right_alt icon 1,000s of fingerprints for port-independence app. detection
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Dashboards, diagnostics & troubleshooting
arrow_carrot right_alt icon Status, performance & threat reporting

ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine Benefits

Centralized View

Network Management

Application Analytics

Unlimited Data Horizon

Third Party Management

Automation with Workflows

Universal Licensing

ML & AI Ready


Application Analytics

Third Party Management

Universal Licensing

Network Management

Unlimited Data Horizon

Automation with Workflows

ML & AI Ready

“This software manages our Cisco environment and has more features and updates than Solar Winds. I’ve created personalized maps. It’s very easy to work with and the current promotion saved the city half of the original cost.”

Scott Worley, City of Mount Vernon

We can set up a demo and 90 day proof of concept to see how the network management software can increase visibility and traffic, back up configurations and schedule updates efficiently.

ExtremeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ integrates network management with intelligence seamlessly across branch, campus, and data center environments. Harnessing the power of AI, it provides customers the flexibility of deploying in the cloud—be it public, private, or on-premises.

Unified for simplicity

Comprehensive management providing detailed visibility and analytics spanning Extreme APs, switches, fabric, and SD-WAN, along with seamless integration for Cisco, HPE Aruba, Juniper, Dell, Huawei, and various third-party devices.

Automated for scale

Practical insights derived from Explainable ML (Machine Learning) with actionable recommendations to enhance network performance, elevate customer experience, and bolster security. Additionally, enjoy straightforward network provisioning and segmentation.

Cloud Continuum choice

A diverse range of cloud deployment options, including public, private, and ExtremeCloud Edge, all unified under a single operating experience and licensing model.

The Benefits of Cloud-Based Management

Organizations are becoming more distributed. More people, more devices, and more data require increasing flexibility and agility from the network. Extreme’s Cloud Continuum provides a modern platform that offers a range of solutions to provide customers with the right balance between cloud sovereignty, simplicity, performance, and cost.

What is Extreme’s cloud-based network management platform?

ExtremeCloud IQ is the unified cloud-based platform for managing wired, wireless, SD-WAN and fabric. It supports Extreme and third-party devices, and it can be deployed in public and private clouds as well as ExtremeCloud Edge.

How does cloud networking enable greater efficiencies?

Unifying network management in the cloud allows organizations to provision, configure, and maintain infrastructure by orchestrating operations from a cloud-based dashboard. This provides greater visibility, insights, and consistency across locations.

What is unique about Extreme’s approach to AIOps?

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot provides Explainable ML (machine learning) insights across an array of wired and wireless anomalies. These insights and descriptions enable users to see, verify, and trust the data behind every recommendation, and CoPilot provides the best options for resolution.

Does Extreme offer easy remote access?

Yes, the ExtremeCloud IQ Companion mobile app provides secure remote access to ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot and CoPilot users. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

Multivendor Network Management

ExtremeCloud IQ provides unique multivendor support for Cisco, HPE Aruba, Juniper Networks, Dell, Nokia, Allied Telesin/Telesys, Zyxel, Linksys, Huawei devices and more.

It provides the ability to transition non-cloud native devices to software as-a-service (SaaS) network management with a common operating and license model.

Universal Licensing – Made Easy

Enriched with features and structured on value-based licensing tiers, providing customers with the unified management, intelligence, and assurance they seek. ExtremeCloud IQ ensures a single license caters to both cloud and on-premises management of Extreme and third-party devices. These licenses are versatile, not tied to specific devices, locations, or users, and can be applied seamlessly to both wired and wireless devices. Each license, regardless of the monitoring entities, is consumed by one serial number.

JT Tech and Extreme Networks

lncreasing security through policy based segmentation

Shortest Path Bridging: Technology ata Glance

icon_check_alt icon Leverages carrier grade IS-IS (routing protocol) as the L2/L3 control plane.

icon_check_alt icon Defines a next generation VLAN called an ISID (lndependent Service ldentifier)

icon_check_alt icon 1-SI D is added at the edge of the network, therefore, standards-based Ethernet hardware 5-6 years old can reside in the network core.

Doesn’t need to be Extreme end to end!

Enables dramatic simplification of today’s rigid and complex networks

Discover Our Passion for Technology

Extreme Products to Manage One Network

ExtremeCloud IQ

Boost operational efficiency and mitigate risk with a cohesive, cloud-native deployment and management solution for access points, switches, and SD-WAN. ExtremeCloud IQ ensures comprehensive visibility from end to end, while data-driven AIOps accelerates mean time to resolution for network issues.

ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot

The CoPilot license tier extends the robust cloud-based network management features of ExtremeCloud IQ found in the Pilot license tier. It introduces advanced AIOps and Explainable ML, empowering teams to embrace a more data-driven and proactive approach.

ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine

Effortlessly oversee your wired and wireless network spanning both Extreme and third-party devices. Obtain deeper insights into user behavior and elevate your compliance capabilities.

Extreme Analytics

Expand the capabilities of ExtremeCloud IQ – Site Engine by incorporating application layer visibility and latency calculations for traffic flows across wired and wireless edge devices, extending from the campus to the data center.

ExtremeCloud IQ Controller

Seamless management of both wired and wireless networks for centralized on-premises campus deployments. Optionally integrates with the cloud, providing a unified view for visibility and monitoring through a single pane of glass.

ExtremeCloud IQ Essentials

Enables onboarding, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting for wireless access points, switches, and routers. With added functionalities such as guest and location analytics, along with robust security capabilities, it comes as a bundled offering in the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot license.



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