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Feb 27, 2024 | Blog, Extreme Networks

Official IT Networking Solutions Provider of KICK Sauber F1™ Team

Enhancing Racing Operations

With best-in-class connectivity and insights from Extreme, KICK Sauber F1™ Team is in the Pole Position when it comes to Raceday operations.

High-Bandwidth Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6E keeps the team connected from their HQ to the tracks at the Formula One™ World Championship.

Real-Time Network Insights

ExtremeAnalytics provides insight into network performance to keep operations on track.

Streamlined Manufacturing Operations

Wi-Fi 6E supports bandwidth-heavy technology enabling seamless connectivity throughout their manufacturing facility.

KICK Sauber F1™ Team Races Toward Next-Level Operations with Wi-Fi 6E

KICK Sauber F1™ Team has partnered with Extreme to enhance its global operations with high-speed Wi-Fi 6E solutions. This collaboration will provide the team with flexible and secure wireless connectivity as they work in their headquarters to prepare all the way through the championship.

Learn why the KICK Sauber F1™ Team trusts Wi-Fi 6E technology and how it can help organizations across all industries improve operational efficiency with seamless connectivity.

Trusted by KICK Sauber F1™ Team

“We are pleased to welcome Extreme Networks, the newest partner joining the ever-growing KICK Sauber F1™ Team family. Having reliable and secure connectivity is essential for our team, both at the heart of our operations in Hinwil, and as we travel the world. With Extreme Networks’ Wi-Fi 6E we will have faster network performance, which is essential to increase both staff and manufacturing line productivity and to enhance our operations. In Extreme Networks we find a remarkable new partner, which will be by our side as we embark on the challenges of the 2024 Formula One World Championship.”

Alessandro Alunni Bravi

KICK Sauber F1™ Team Representative

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